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Electrofusion Machines Dps10-22Kw

Electrofusion welding machine includes 3.5Kw,8Kw,12Kw,15Kw.

3.5Kw electro fusion welding machine can provide with maximun 48V welding voltage on the constant voltage control mode,

8Kw electro fusion welding machine provides with maximum 130V.The 12Kw provide with up to 170V,which is used to welding compound pipes.

Electrofusion welding machine is the special connecting device used to electro fusion connect polythene pressure and no perssure conduit.

All the characteristics of this electrofusion welding machine have achieved international standard ISO12176-2,and even higher,

it is the perfect corollary equipement for every pe pipe manufactures and construction units.

    Advantage and Application

    DPS10 series plastic pipe welder based on the IGBT inversion technology is launched by Injet in 2014, with high resolution, 

    small in size and weight.  

    It’s used for electro fusion welding of Dn20~Dn800 PE and composite pipes.


        ● High  resolution 

        ● Small size 

        ● Selectable constant voltage, current or power 

        ● Light 

        ● High stability

        ● Highly reliable


    All designed according to ISO12176-2 standard.

    International warranty:24months.

    Any parts broken or does not work under normal operating,we are free to provide. 

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