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SWT-B160/50MS Manual PE Butt Fusion Welding Machine

Welding ranges:50mm-160mm

Application: PE,PP and PVDF

Working voltage:220V ±10%,50Hz

Total power:1.7 kW,

planning tool:0.7 kW, heating plate:1 kW


    Suitable for butt welding of plastic pipes and fittings made of PE,PP, and PVDF in worksite or workshop.


    Removable PTFE coated heating plate with separate temperature control system.

    Electrical planning tool;

    Be made of lightweight and high strength material; simple structure, small and delicate user friendly;

    Low starting pressure ensures reliable welding quality of small pipes;

    Separate two-channel timer shows time in soaking and cooling phases;

    Spring force measurement device.

    Technical specifications

    Welding ranges of plastic pipes: 50mm-160mm


    Ranges of application: PE,PP and PVDF

    Working voltage:220V ±10%,50Hz

    Total power:1.7 kW,including:planning tool:0.7 kW, heating plate:1 kW

    PTFE coated heating plate,adjustable knob for temperature control, difference in heating plate surface temperature ≤±5°.  

    Environment temperature: -10° ~ 45°

    Electronic count-down timer for heating and cooling time;

    Whole machine consists of basic frame, heating plate, planning tool and support 

    (for planning tool & heating plate)

    All designed according to ISO21307:2011(E),ISO12176-1 and DVS2207/1(08/2007)

    International warranty 24months.

    Any parts broken or does not work under normal operating,we are free to provide. 

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