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SWT-PZ4000 Automatic Rolling Bending Equipment

Item:SWT-PZ4000 Automatic Rolling Bending Equipment

Weldable sheet thickness:3.0-25.0mm

Max.working length:4000mm

Bending angle(°):0-100°

Roll circle diameter min:500mm

Air pressure(kg.f/cm2):6.0-8.0

The rated voltage:380V,50/60Hz

Rated current:80A

Bending heating power:12kW

Welding heating power:8kW

Drum institutions motor power:1.5kW

External dimensions:5000*1100*1200mm

Packing dimensions:5100*1250*1370mm



    SWT series Bending & Butt Fusion Equipment are suitable for welding thermoplastic sheets made of HDPE, PP, PVC, PVDF.The machine is designed according to DVS 2208, and can operate in compliance with the DVS 2207.

    SWT-PH series Sheet Butt Fusion Welding Machine

    SWT-ZW series Bending Welding Machine

    SWT-PZ series All in one bending butt fusion welding machine

    SWT-YF series Engraving machine

    SWT-XL series Cutting Saw

    Welding Function: 

    Horizontal weld & round (rolling) weld. Rolling the circular minimum size is 500mm, the bigger circular unlimited.

    Bending Function:

    Bender plastic plate from 2-100 degree.

    Product Features

    1.Versatile use: 

    Welding function and bending function are both available in our model.

    2.Efficient and accurate:

    Siemens control system and touch screen control mode make the control efficient and accurate.

    3.Easy to use:

    Our strong point are to design easy-to-use equipments, not complicated ones.

    You can finish every function within 5 steps with our model.

    4.Wide applicability:

    Our model is suitable for all types of thermo plastic sheet (PP, PE, HDPE, PVDF, PVC, PPN),

    with material thickness ranges from 3 mm to 30 mm. Welding thickness can up to 50 or 60mm according to customers' request.

    5.Stable performance: 

    With most-to-up technology and top designers we successfully design and manufacture for customers. 

    The plates processed by our model have good-looking appearance and the angle is very strong.


    It's easy to replace all consumable parts, most of them can be replaced within 2 minutes.


    Machine Quality Guarantee : 24 months.

    If any parts broken or does not work under normal operating, we are free to provide. 

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