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SWT HDPE Pipe Butt Fusion Welding Machine

Sep. 22, 2015

Hebei MingMai Technology Co.,LTD is one of China manufacturers of butt  welding equipment and accessories used for butt fusion of thermoplastic pipe.Butt Fusion Welding Machine is the name given to the process of heat fusion by hot plate buttwelding of PE,PP,PVDF materials.   

MM-Tech® hdpe pipe butt welders for pipeline construction

MM-Tech® butt fusion machines are primarily designed for, and extremely efficientat, welding pipe to pipe in the field. 

Models in the MM-Tech® PE Pipe Butt Fusion Welding Machine range includes:

Model SWT-B2000/1400HC: pipe joining range 1400mm - 2000mm

Model SWT-B1600/1100HC: pipe joining range 1100mm - 1600mm

Model SWT-B1200-800HC:   pipe joining range   800mm - 1200mm

Model SWT-B1000/710H:      pipe joining range    710mm - 1000mm

Model SWT-B800/450HC:     pipe joining range    450mm - 800mm

Model SWT-B630/315H:       pipe joining range     315mm - 630mm

Model SWT-B450/200H:       pipe joining range 200mm-450mm

Model SWT-B315/90H:         pipe joining range 90mm-315mm

Model SWT-B250/90H:         pipe joining range 90mm-250mm

Model SWT-B160/50H:         pipe joining range 50mm-160mm

Model SWT-B200/90M:         pipe joining range 90mm-200mm

Model SWT-B160/50MS:      pipe joining range 50mm-160mm

Model SWT-B160/50M:        pipe joining range 50mm-160mm

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