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Extrusion Welders

Feb. 17, 2017

SWT-NS610B Extrusion Welder is a masterpiece of modern welding technology. 

Compact and ergonomically designed for plastic fabrication or geomembrane welding applications, the SWT-NS610B  is entirely self-sufficient and requires no remote air or gas supply.  

The multi-functional display includes maintenance notifications, time meters, and pre-set temperature/air flow programs for ease of use. It is ideal for welding on the ground from a standing position. 

The powerful drive system produces an output of up to 2.5kg/hour, depending on material and conditions. 

Key Features:

Suitable for welding PP, PVDF, PE and other thermoplastics

Single channel extrudate set-point temperature controller 

Self contained – does not requiring external air or gas

Adjustable hot air temperature

Lockable drive motor

Patented, trouble-free rod intake system

Solid, durable construction, easy operation

Exchangeable PTFE welding shoes can be easily machined to determine weld size and configuration

Rotatable welding head assembly standard

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