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Hot Air Welding Kit With Plastic Heat Gun

Jan. 13, 2019

Floor Hot Air Welding Kit With Plastic Heat Gun And Accessories


For professional hot air welding of vinyl or linoleum flooring 

The Vinyl Floor Welding Kits are used for the fitting of vinyl flooring such as safety floors in Hospitals, Medical Centers, Dental Surgeries, for a clean seamless weld.

Also used in Care Homes, Social Housing, Schools, Nurseries and colleges in areas such as classrooms, toilets, science labs, sports halls and corridors.

They are also used in the Retial & Leisure Industry for flooring in shops, restaurants, pubs, clubs and hotels.

Vinyl flooring is increasingly used in Commercial Buildings, Offices & Factories.

The kit includes:

1pcs Hot Air Welding Gun (230V or 110V)

1pcs Hand "U" Groover

1pcs Crescent Knife

1pcs Vinyl Trim Guid  

1pcs 5mm Standard Nozzle 

1pcs 5mm Round Speed Welding Nozzle

1pcs 7x5.7mm Speed Triangle Nozzle

1pcs 5mm Brass Penny Roller With Round Speed Welding Nozzle

1pcs Multi  hand groover , aluminum handle, includes 3pcs  blade

1pcs 110V or 230V 1600W Heating Elements with mica tube

1pcs Vinyl Shark Knife with hoster

10pcs hook blades

10pcs straight blades

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