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New Style Electrofusion Welding Machine DPS10 series

Sep. 08, 2016


DPS10 series Electrofusion Welding Machine is the special device used for electrofusion connection of polythene pressure or non-pressure conduit, based on thoroughly study of the international standard ISO12176-2.

All the characteristics and performance of the electrofusion welding machine have achieved international standard ISO12176-2, or even higher, it is the perfect support equipments for every PE pipe manufactures and construction units. 

Main features as:

  • High-level MCU is used as control core, with abundant parameter settings, detection and  perfect protection functions

  • High brightness liquid crystal display, Chinese and English languages support, friendly human-machine interactive interface

  • Wide power supply voltage input, suitable for electric network level on site

  • High precision electric energy and time control to insure welding quality

  • Short output response time when power supply breaks, high stability

  • USB flash disk read and storage function

  • Automatic matching pipe welding

  • Good doubling protection function

  • Print welding data

  • With multi sections programmable welding function, suitable for various fittings welding requirements

  • Flexible welding parameter input mode: manual input through keyboard or barcode scanning input

  • Large capacity welding datum storage

  • Optimizing design and SMT welding technology, reducing the failure rate of whole machine

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