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  • Multi Angular Band Saws SWT-MA450/110B

Multi Angular Band Saws SWT-MA450/110B

Cutting angle from 0 to 67.5°.           

Reliability, lower noisy, easy to handle.    

Complies with 98/37 and 73/23 EEC standard.

Technical specifications :

Working ranges:1200mm

Cutting angle:0~67.5°                    

Cutting angle error: ≤1°              

Speed of saw blade: 0~200 m/min                     

Working voltage: 380V,50Hz                     

Feed speed:Adjustable  

  • Techincal Data


1.This machine is used for pipe diameter ≤450 mm, which is used to cut elbow, tee, cross sharp fitting in the workshop, 

   It is designed for PE, PPR plastic pipes;

2.Used in producing pipe fittings or blanking, cutting tubes according to the set angle and size, in order to reduce the waste      pipe, and improve the efficiency of the pipe fitting in the later producing;

3.This machine can be added the special liners to better gripping pipes.


1.Cutting feed from hydraulic power source, to ensure the stable and precision pressure was provided in the process of            cutting. At the same time, the hydraulic system also adopts the advanced buffer design to make the machine running              smoothly, without any impact; 

2.Saw blade speed with frequency control of motor speed, to extend the service life of saw blade effectively.If the blade is        broken, the machine with the functions of automatic detection and automatic stop, to guarantee the safety of operator;

3.Max Cutting Angle 0-67.5 °.Angle adjustment is convenient, easy and fast;

4.Cutting speed adopts hydraulic stepless speed change, and was equipped with a fast forward and working speed switch         button;

5.Manual gearbox clamping, more reliable and easier (additive with electric clamping);

6.Can be mounted to the tube electric feeding device; 

7.Automatic angle adjustment positioning device can be mounted to the system;

8.Can be mounted to the PLC control system;

9.The machine comply with 98/37/EC and 73/23/EEC standards. 

Additive projects:

1.The blade quick positioning device 

2.All specifications, high precision tubing internal and external liners

3.Electric clamping device

4.Tube electric feeding device

5.Automatic positioning device

6.The PLC programmable control system

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Multi Angular Band Saws SWT-MA450/110B

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